Types Of Employment In Agriculture

If your passion is in nature and the care of both animals and plants then you must consider an employment in the field of agriculture. Though some might say it is dying business, it is not the case. As long as nature exists and as long as humans need produce for consumption, this industry will never go out of requirement. So do not hesitate to consider a career in this. It has existed for thousands of years and has built up to a vast industry, following are a few opportunities of employment available within it.


This is where advertising and promotion of the products of farming and cultivation is carried out. Information related to changes in government regulations and changes in prices of crops are issues that needs to be communicated with the growers. There are many roles of employments involved under this category and some of them include, marketing communications manager, advertising specialist, market news reporter and public relations representative. In order to find agriculture careers Australia in communications, you will be required to study and be aware of the industry in its current state.

Animal Sciences

This would allow you to work closely with animals and the roles of employment include, animal scientist, veterinarian, livestock insurance representative and livestock feedlot operator. Though some titles may require more intense course of studying and experience, others may not require so much. Most animal lovers are found involved in this field and their occupation is anything but dull to them.

Food sciences

Once the produce is properly cultivated and collected for distribution, it need to undergo a quality check to ensure its safety and identify any problems. This field is involved in that process. They also need to come up with new and innovative methods to improve farming and cultivation by thorough research and can conduct studies to prove their hypotheses. Roles of employment include, food chemist, food manufacturer, quality assurance and food product research and development.


There are many financial responsibilities of this industry like any other. But here, the economy can be greatly affected by natural events such a droughts, crop diseases, food borne illnesses and floods. Also farmers need to be advised and guided on ways to make their work more profitable among the consumers and this is the responsibility of those involved under economics. The roles of employment include farm and land appraiser, proper agribusiness jobs, agriculture policy analyst, grain broker, resource economist consultant and food distribution manager.An employment in agriculture is not only of great service but helps you to feel content and fulfilled as well.

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