Adding A New Annexure To Your House

Renovating is part of life. The house you bought might not be up to the standard or just the way you dreamt it would be. Or as time goes by, you feel the need of more space for different parts such as a nursery or a study area and so on. Renovation has to be done in a very cautious manner as you wouldn’t want to end up with less space than you were going to add and eventually lose what free space you had in the garden too.

Planning the activity

Have a solid plan of what needs to be done, which parts to be removed and which to be left as it is, or slightly altered to have a different look and feel; for example you can change a lobby area to be used as a dining room. If you are removing entire parts of the house, contemplate as to how you can reuse the parts removed if possible. You can use an excavator shear to break even concreted parts; those will just be rubble and you must find a safe and legal disposal method for that also. However if you want another part such as a sewing room or a play area, consider partitioning rather than bringing walls down and building anew.

Have a budget

Renovation can go up to unprecedented costs. Building materials are expensive and if you need a different look you might have thought of adding tiles etc. In that case try buying from a used goods sale, sometimes they have good-as-new material for quite a low price. Especially if you want to have a porch or something outside the house tiled, these types of materials can be used. Make a budget of what you will need after contacting the builder; make sure you explain to them what you plan to have and what to remove. In case of major constructions such as a swimming pool or a summer house, you’d want to get opinions and advice from an engineer too. Also if you are going for a loan facility for financing this, make sure every little cost is entered in to the budget and some emergency fund also added.


Renovating can affect the free land space you have. You may have used it as a garden with trees, bushes and plants, or as a lawn with grass growing. Either way to get more space for annexures if you are uprooting trees, try to do it with a minimum injury to the surrounding environment. Lots of plants co-exist and smaller ones may have used the shade given by the bigger tree. Removing the big tree will pave way for the undergrowth to die. So be careful of such situations and use crane attachments for sale to remove tree stumps, branches and other scraps. There are many stories of renovations going wrong and house owners ending up with a result of entirely opposite to what they wanted. If it goes wrong the only solution will be to re-renovate which will take your money and time again. So try to get it right the first time by planning it out right.