5 Home Décor Ideas To Transform Your House

Ever looked around your house that you’ve been living for more than half a decade and decided that you want to match up with the contemporary styles of houses today? Well then its time your house had a makeover. Technology has changed every aspect in our lifestyle and today we look around and see some of man’s best architectural designs and the amazing interior designs that they have come up with. It’s nice to have a rustic or a modern touch to your house. Simplicity is the key to everything. Here are 5 basic ideas that you can look up to before planning to change your house interior decorations

Light up the walls

If your rooms or your living room is small and you want to change it in a way that they look big and has enough space, then your best option is choose a light color. Although dark colors may seem vibrant and very rustic, you can be sure to see a big difference in your house once you re paint the wall with a light color. There’s no doubt that white works well with everything. You can put white on anything ugly and cheap and it turns into something beautiful and rich.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Yes! The mirrors can not only assure you that your beautiful but also make your house feel beautiful. It’s a common item on the wall in modern houses. There are many reason why a mirror is placed in living rooms and dining table area. Well, one reason being that you can give yourself one look in the mirror before leaving home but the actual reason is that it gives instant light to small spaces making them look big. Placing your mirrors across the aluminium fabrication Brisbane would reflect the light and add more light to the house.

Go green

Mother Nature has given us the best elements that can make our house look beautiful. Having plants in the house is cheap but looks simple and lovely. You can add it to any space in your house. Whether it’s the living room, your bathroom or the dining table. It can make your house look like a million dollar.


Going overboard with your decorations can cost you a fortune and also make your house look overcrowded. The best way is to have minimum furniture’s and appliances. If you keep too many things around, people won’t be able to focus on one thing and all your effort to change the wallpaper will go unnoticed. Having garden screens Melbourne outside your house can add an elegant look to the exterior of the house.

Have a mixture

It’s not necessary that you throw your old stuff to have a change at home. Keeping the old things around the house will give a vintage look to your house. Re paint the 80’s table or your grandfather’s antique clock. Antiques are unique and it gives your house a beautiful ambience. After all old is gold. You can now turn your house into a haven that you’ve always dreamed about. Roll up your sleeves and put on your rags and have fun with your family as you paint away the old memories of the house.